Thursday, January 7, 2016

New year, new construction! Preparations begin this weekend.

Changes are coming, get ready and plan accordingly--exciting times are ahead. Here are some important updates from Executive Associate Dean Michael McGuire to help you navigate as preparation for SPEA's Paul H. O'Neill Graduate Center expansion and renovation project begins.

Work begins on Saturday, January 9

A construction fence and exterior signage will go up Saturday morning on the south and east side of the SPEA building, and the courtyard.

Fencing being installed on Saturday, January 9.

Changes to expect

With the construction comes some temporary inconveniences, such as entering and exiting the SPEA building. This is what we will find on Monday:
  • Access to SPEA from 10th Street will be through the first floor doors near the Kelley School of Business Undergraduate Career Services Office. Take the stairs to the right up to the second floor. The stairs leading to the courtyard from 10th will be fenced off and unusable.
  • Access to SPEA from the north remains unchanged. The north stairs to the courtyard will remain open and the second floor west entrance and atrium entrance will remain open.
  • The red brick area of the courtyard will remain open throughout the project. The rest of the courtyard will be fenced and off limits for the duration of the project.
  • People parking in the 11th Street garage will find they cannot travel across the courtyard from the second level of the Kelley School of Business. They may take the stairs or elevator to the first floor and come up the ramp area towards the Info Commons into SPEA.
  • The second floor south doors exiting onto the courtyard will be barricaded. To exit south to 10th Street, travel down the stairs and exit through the doors on the left.
  • The bike racks at the front of the building will not be available for use. Use the new racks in the parking lot island, which has access from Fee Lane.
Signage within the Kelley School. 

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