Thursday, December 17, 2015

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone*

Ah, SPEA. Drink in its brutalist** glory. Soon, its facelift will begin—a ceremonial groundbreaking for the expansion and renovation is planned for January 26 with actual work beginning earlier.


From Monday, December 21, through Friday, January 8, the ramp and hallway near the vending machines that connects SPEA to Hodge Hall will be off limits. The ramp is going to be widened and lengthened. This project should be complete by the start of classes. If you do park in the garage, enter SPEA through the outdoor courtyard.

Anticipate that access to SPEA from Tenth Street will soon be restricted, likely before spring semester begins. Dates aren't known yet, but one of the  first things to happen will be the
erection of construction fencing blocking the front entry. 


* If this post’s headline gave you an earworm, you might be interested to know that Anna Kendrick’s song, "Cups" , popularized in the 2013 movie Pitch Perfect is actually a remake of  the Carter Family’s 1930s song, "When I'm Gone."

** Architects disagree on what exactly constitutes brutalism. What would you deem SPEA’s current architectural style?

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