Monday, May 16, 2016

Visiting SPEA this summer: Map

This summer, the back doors off of the parking lot are your best way into the SPEA building. There is no entry through the Kelley School of Business (neither the skyway nor the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center). 

Here are three options to get to SPEA's back doors:

A) From East Law Lane, take the wooden steps. 
B) From North Fee Lane, go through the construction fencing and on through the parking lot.
C) From E. 10th Street, walk behind the Wells House.

If you have any questions about visiting, please call ahead by going to our staff or faculty directories. Thank you for your patience! We can't wait to throw open our front doors to you when we welcome you to our newly expanded and renovated Paul H. O'Neill Graduate Center. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Getting in and out of the building this summer

Your best option to enter the building.
Access to SPEA is going to be further limited starting on May 9! Forget coming though Kelley, and basically consider the back lot doors your best way in to SPEA. Here are the details from Chad Sweatman, manager, Building Support Services:

No entry.

  • Most of Kelley’s first floor will be a construction zone. A lot of work will be done in and above the hallways. These areas will be off limits due to safety concerns. We will not be able to access SPEA from 10th Street through Kelley like we do currently and there will be no path to get to SPEA from the parking garage through the buildings.

Temporary door.

  • We will be utilizing the temporary door on the east side of SPEA through 278 as our southern access. This door will be unlocked during normal building hours from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.  To exit the building go through the 278 door, down the steps, follow the sidewalk to the Wells House drive then down to the 10th Street sidewalk.  I’ll be working with the contractor this week to add better signage to the area.
Your route from the parking garage to SPEA.

  • If you park in the 11th and Fee garage you will have to cross Fee Lane and walk through the parking lot to the north glass doors.  You may recall this route is the same as when work was done to the bridge connecting Kelley to their grad building.

Recommended parking. 

  •  It may be best to utilize parking spaces along Law Lane for the summer.

Geology revealed.

Taking photos, we ran into Todd Thompson—director, state geologist, senior scientist/sedimentologist with IU’s Indiana Geological Survey. Next time you are near the SPEA plaza doors near our International Office, he suggests you check out the trails in the limestone left by worms millions of years ago, and now revealed by the elements.