Thursday, October 22, 2015

New perspectives

SPEA expansion facing 10th Street.
Take a look at these new renderings of the building's exterior and interior from BSA LifeStructures--let us know what you think.

A view of how the expansion will join the existing SPEA building, approaching from the east.

A glimpse of the plaza. 
The "monumental stair" in the main entry from 10th Street. 


  1. How long will construction take?

  2. Hi Anonymous:
    Construction is estimated to take a full year--from January 2016 to January 2017. Finishing touches, moving in furniture, and the unexpected might affect this date.

  3. Very exciting, can alum contribute to help with the finishes?

  4. Absolutely--contact Susan Johnson, Executive Director, Development and Alumni Relations, at SPEA at

  5. Will the exterior windows of the existing SPEA building be replaced to match the new window style included in the expansion?

    1. The existing windows will remain as is--much as you see in the sketches. Thanks for asking!


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