Monday, January 9, 2017

Move-in March

Today we celebrated moving into our new home—or, rather, expanding into it—as the Paul H. O’Neill Graduate Center opened in time for the first day of spring semester classes with a bagpipe parade.

A happy throng followed bagpiper Ian Arthur* from the existing SPEA building into the O’Neill Center—28,000 light-filled square feet of new space for classes, the Masters Program Office, common areas, and more. The O’Neill Center expands the footprint of the original SPEA building to extend out to Tenth Street, and will have an official dedication ceremony on March 24.

But for today, we heralded the O’Neill Center in SPEA style:

It was short.
It was loud.
It was glorious

And, oh yes, it ended with food.

* Angus Martin, our originally scheduled bagpiper, took ill. Thank you for stepping in, Ian, and feel better soon, Angus!

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